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From 150£ per guest
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From 80£ per guest
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From 65£ per guest
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From 120£ per guest
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From 80£ per guest
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From 55£ per guest

All menus include travel expenses within Central London area (Zone 1-3).
For private services outside London zone 3 travel expenses will be added on top.

The SIGNATURE and GOLD menu are available only upon enquiry and subject to availability. The price of the truffles and other ingredients such as caviar

may vary depending on the type and the market price.

Both PREMIUM menus include one bottle of hi end wine or Champagne + one extra entrée.

For more than 6 guests a waiter/helper hiring is required.


Would you like to create a tailored menu for your private party or cooking lesson?

Send a an enquiry and we will create together the culinary experience you desire.

Vegetarian, vegan, healthy, dairy, gluten free, nut free, Halal  and alcohol free menus available.


Image by Photos by Lanty
Image by Daniele Franchi
Image by Lorenzo Lamonica
Image by Lauren Sproule

Taste the incredibly delicious flavours of Teramo and Abruzzo's culinary tradition.

A land and rich of hills, coasts and mountains, its food tradition focuses on simple but full of flavour recipes.
Discover with me the secrets, the traditions and the taste of my homeland.

- Teramo's Maccheroni "Chitarra" style with mini meatballs in tomato and basil sauce and served with grated Parmigiano Reggiano ("La chitarr ng li pallottin")

- Bread and cheese balls served in tomato and basil sauce ("Pallott cacie e ov")

- Scippelle "Mbusse" (savoury crepes stuffed with grounded nutmeg and grated Parmigiano, served soaked in hot meat or vegetarian fresh stock)


- Teramo's timballo of scrippelle (in dialect "Lu timball" - lasagna like style dish made with savoury crepes layers, tomato sauce, mini meatballs, mixed vegetables and Parmigiano reggiano)

- Fried cheese ("Lu furmaggie fritte" - battered and fried caciotta served piping hot)

- Fish stew with mussels and clams ("Lu vrudatt"  - with mixed white fish, mussels, clams and chopped tomatoes)

- Deconstructed bocconotto with black grapes compote

- Almond croccante served with vino cotto

2 dishes + 1 dessert = 65£ per person (Vino cotto excluded), 8 guests minimum

3 dishes + 1 dessert = 80£ per person (Vino cotto exlcuded) , 6 guests minimum

4 dishes + 1 dessert = 95£ per person (Vino cotto excluded) , 4 guests minimum

5 dishes + 1 dessert = 110£ per person (Vino cotto excluded), 4 guests minimum


Full tasting menu  8 dishes = 130£ per person (Vino cotto excluded), 4 guests minumum 

For couple or 3 guests requests please send an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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