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One of the best wine makers in Abruzzo. Its history is characterised by the research of the excellence. Marramiero wines have their own identity that stands out and bring remarkable emotions to your palate.


Marramiero is an internationally awarded and acclaimed wine maker of Abruzzo (Italy) that produces wines able to surprise the palate with their elegance and complexity, and are the results of an enological research that is in constant evolution.

If you have never tried their wines, you definitely should.

Their vineyards spread over many hectares of land in the municipalities of Rosciano and Ofena. Hills, ridges and plains, with different kinds of soils, facing different directions and receiving different kinds of ventilation. Each part of the various estates offers varied characteristics. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to select the most suitable vines, and to cultivate them with the awareness and special care needed for the different personalities of the wines they generate.

Marramiero wines are premium quality, which means they need extra care. Grapevines are living things that demand everyday attention. They also have their roots in culture, knowledge, experience and challenge: symbols of this land and its generous hills. This is the “Terre dei Vestini”, smoothly and gently shaped by human hands that for centuries have collaborated with nature and enhanced its beauty. Our countless rows of vines alternate with olive groves from one hillside to another, adding further serenity to the eye and providing fruits of the earth which the Marramiero family harvest respecting soils and plants… and the work of many hands.

Individual vines produce grapes that we select or blend to create the extraordinary wines of the Marramiero Collection. Reaching the nose and the palate, some arouse the sensations of a precise or well-known cru, others conjure new emotions thanks to the creative expertise of our winemakers. Our different labels convey every nuance of these landscapes, transmitting them from vineyards and wine cellars. These are lands where living is a gift.

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